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Metal Seated Ball Valve - Posted By wyxzcs83 (wyxzcs83) on 31st May 23 at 12:44am
Jitai Valve Group has gained proven expertise in the most demanding environment by stringent quality control and traceable reports to provide zero-defect valves. Our rugged and durable configuration of valves ensures prolonged service life and frees our customers from endless breakdown.
We always look forward to long-term partnership with our customer and make mutual benefits. Just email us or call us immediately when you need assistance in relation to valves.
Since 1988, Jitai Valve Group has become a reputable valve manufacturer for the harsh working conditions with total turnover of USD 30 million dollars annually. Our company has more than 350 employees, including 20 engineering specialists, 50 inspection professionals and other seasoned technicians. We are competent at engineering and inspection to meet critical requirements of turn key projects. Our engineers uses Auto CAD,Solid Works,Pro/E,UG and other design software to perform sophisticated technological calulation while the advanced inspection center is set up to ensure all parts are in complete control.
With various state-of-the-arts facilities , our workshops cover a total area of 26640 square meters , including
Plant NoWorkshop SizeProducts
Workshop 114940 sqmCast steel valves (GGC valves)
Workshop 24500 sqmStainless steel valves
Workshop 33600 sqmButterfly valves
Workshop 43600 sqmBall valves
Main product lines can be categorized into gate valves, globe valves, check valves, hydrogenation valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, control valves, power plant valves and other customized valves. Nominal diameter: 1/2 "~ 160" (DN15~DN4000) Operating pressure: 150Lb-4500Lb (0.25MPa ~ 42.0 Mpa ) Working temperature: -196 鈩?-816 鈩? Standard: API, ANSI, JIS, BS, EN, DIN, etc.
Our valves are widely used in all industrial sectors, including power plant, chemical, oil & gas, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, paper& pulp, coal mining, cement, sewage, environmental protection and other industries.
Our company has excellent processing and manufacturing equipment, including machining center, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC drilling machine, large precision vertical lathe and boring machine, plasma spray welding equipment, automatic painting assembly line and other special equipment with an annual production capacity of more than 20000 tons.
Jitai Valve also acquires the vendor approval of influential industrial users and EPC companies in vast areas, including Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Czech, UAE, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.
Our services are our core competitiveness and extensively offered, including consultancy, training, commissioning, start-up and aftersales service. Thus we are proud of providing value-added benefits for our customers when tailored valves are required for the severe working enviroment.
Jitai Valve has established extremely rigid system of manufacturing and inspection. All our valves are produced and tested in accordance with cutting-edge technology and assured inspection plan.
All processing is based on our systematic technical engineering and technological procedures. Our engineers use Auto CAD,Solid Works,Pro/E,UG and other design software to formulate drawings and processing instruction with ERP system controlling all material management.
In our workshop, numerous types of industrial valves are produced with capability over 1833 ton per month. 200 sets of CNC machine, vertical lathes and horizontal lathes allows valve size up to DN2000 (NPS 80 inch). Complete secure measures are taken to guarantee our workers鈥?occupational, health safety interest in conformity with the latest ISO 45001.
During each procedure, our frontline workers and operators are devoted to finishing the most qualified components with trusted expertise and are ready to take challenge of customized manufacturing for the harsh service environment.
Our inspection program is set up to meet the demanding project requirements and covers a wide scope of industrial tests, including but not limited to
鈼?Chemical analysis
鈼?Mechanical property test
鈼?Hardness test
鈼?Visual inspection
鈼?Cryogenic impact test
鈼?Penetration Test
鈼?Magnetic Particle test
鈼?Radiographic testing
鈼?Ultrasonic test
鈼?Hydro pressure test
鈼?Fugitive emission test
鈼?HIC test
鈼?Painting thickness test
鈼?Wall thickness test
Our customers always benefits from our value-added services due to our focus on longterm cooperation, which only flourishes with ensuring the maximum longevity of valves, the quickest response, the most comprehensive support.
We act as the backbone of customers鈥?pipeline management by offering consultancy, quotation, drawing, training, commissioning, start-up, maintenance and other related after service. Once our customers meet key issue to handle, we provide our acceptable and solid solutions based on our immense sources and know-how.
With an excellent team of engineerig, reseach and development, we provide prompt reply to commercial and technical request. We are willing to participate in any possible dialogue and discussion concernning industry trend, manufacturing advancement and pipeline exploration, thus providing the suitable proposal to our users鈥?site issues.
Quotation & Drawing
Our sales managers respond to each inquiry within 24 hours regardless of the difficulty with full technical drawings, datasheets, catalogues. We keep tracking and follow-up of each inquiry until it is finalized in order to understand our users鈥?challenging and varied conditions on the site.
Our global customers, distributors, agents and partner workshops have multi-channel access to our learning literature and training lessons. Our customers and partners can receive appropriate training in our office, workshop or online lesson periodically relating to valve selection, design, processing, installation, etc.
Commissioning, Start-up & Maintenance
Our valves are under secure and reliable control before delivery, ensuring the endurable performance in various working environment. Once it is installed, our customers will receive thorough guidance for commissiong, start & up, maintenance in order to have valve life prolonged. Our engineers and technicians are also actively involved in site instruction and communication, to keep track of the valve actual performance for years.
After Sales Service
Jitai Valve makes great efforts to extend our service range and maintain sustainable cooperation with our customers. Our services never cease upon the receipt of valves in warehouses of end users. Wherever our valves are used, all issues will come as priority and will be taken into prudent consideration while quick and effective solutions will be given as per requirement.
Our superb products are vastly recoginized in all industrial sectors, including oil & gas, petrochemical, power plant, paper & pulp, water treatment, metallugical, mining, etc.
From blazing desert in Nigeria to dense rainforest in Brazil, from freezing land in Siberia to lonely island in Indonesia, our rugged valves showcase the demonstrated durability in the designated pipeline beyond satisfaction.
Jitai Valve is occupied in cultivating customer-oriented company culture by integrating all essential motivation. Our growing influence relies on constantly engaging our members in implementing our company value, vision and obligations.
Company Value: Innovation, Respect, Integrity
Company Vision: Reshape industry with boldness and firmness
Company Obligation: Provide tailor-made valves at affordable cost
30-year expertise with 4 factories and 350 employees
Countless certifications in accordance with ISO/API/CE
100% inspection Rate and over 98% pass rate covering full scope of critical inspection procedures
Proven durablity and reliability in high temperature & high pressure application
Delivery time within 3 days for stock valves while within 30 working days for customized valves
Negotiable payment terms and trusted commercial coordination
Metal Seated Ball Valve